Preparing For Your Cave Tour


Did you know the caves are the same temperature year round? You will find a chilly 8 deg. Celsius (47 degr. F.) regardless of when you visit Horne Lake Caves.  So the longer you are in the caves, the warmer you will want to dress. Your clothing choices should reflect the duration of the tour AND the time of year! 

Due to the rocky floors and undeveloped nature of the caves, all tours require solid footwear. Backpacks are not allowed in the cave but small hip pouches or fanny packs are great for carrying some snacks and a camera.


Simply long pants and sweatshirt / light jacket plus sturdy footwear. In Summer, running shoes are OK, open sandals are not.  In rainy Winter conditions, rubber boots are way better.


These tours spend more time in the cave and involve some scrambling and climbing so make sure your long pants and shirts are able to take some rough use. Don’t wear your best new clothes, they won’t stay that way for long.  Hiking boots are recommended rather than running shoes.


The rainy season brings lots of water to our caves. During the Winter or Spring these tours can be VERY wet; bring along a complete change of clothes, including shoes and socks. Rubber boots make the best footwear. Otherwise, hiking boots or running shoes will do. Don’t forget about the surface condition. If it’s raining outside – bring rain gear! Snow? Call ahead to check conditions.

Achilles Challenge and Max Depth Adventure

Requires better clothing.

A few hours in a cool, damp environment is no place for cotton clothing. Really try to avoid jeans and T-shirts. Better to have poly-pro, nylon or fleece against your body. Wearing at least 2 layers top and bottom is the minimum recommendation. Hiking boots or gumboots are also much better for stepping in puddles rather  than running shoes. Another good idea is to bring kneepads and gloves, although both are available at the Visitor Centre.


Please don’t apply perfume or after-shave. The enclosed spaces make it difficult for those with scent sensitivities.


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