Other Park Activites

Self Guided Caving

There are some "enter at your own risk" underground areas that accessable to the general public. The entrance chamber of Main Cave and Andre's Annex Cave (54m). These areas we consider to be a challenge rating of ✦✦✦✧✧ and are quite adventurous with low ceilings, tight spaces and vertical drops that require cave visitors to travel with caution. Helmets with headlamps are available for rent at the visitor centre for $6+ tax. Our Guided Tours are absolutely recommended for first time or nervous cavers.

Hiking Phil Whitfield’s Fossil Geology Trail

This spectacular trail winds it’s way in a 30 min. loop through lush coastal rainforest past interesting surface geology features with informational trail signs. Along the way, learn about the interface between the underground and the surface forest and how marine fossils, disappearing rivers and volcanic activity combined to shape this unique park. Named in honour of Phil Whitfield, one of the park’s founders who built and rebuilt this trail by hand and continues to help maintain it to this very day! Length of the trail is approximately 1.5 km. moderately strenuous uphill with 8 info stops.


There are a number of geocaches located in the park and surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more about geocaching please visit their Website and have fun!Read more about Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park on the BC Parks website.

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