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The best in Canada! That is one way to describe the cave resources of Vancouver Island, home to more than 1,000 caves. At Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park you can experience the magic of the underground world in the many caves protected within the surrounding provincial park. Horne Lake Caves has been a popular spot for locals and visitors to explore for decades, with Horne Lakes Provincial Park established in 1971. Operations at the site were conducted by a small group of dedicated volunteers for a number of years during the 1980s. Before long, the growing popularity of Horne Lake Caves made operating the site increasingly difficult for a small group of volunteers. In 1989 Richard Valera and a small group of partners stepped in and carried on operations at the caves, beginning a love affair that has lasted for over three decades. The past 30 years have seen Horne Lake Caves grow significantly under Richard’s leadership, both in popularity and in size with many new rooms and tunnels now explored. In 2011, Canada’s first and only cave interpretive centre was built on the site. This facility educates visitors of all ages on the ecology of caves in a fun and engaging way. After more than 32 years of running the site Richard is now passing the torch to Myles Fullmer. A long-time guide here at Horne Lake Caves, Myles has been working here in a variety of roles for over ten years. Starting as a guide in 2011, Myles rose up the ranks to become a lead guide, group coordinator, operations manager and is now the owner of the operator license for Horne Lake Caves from the provincial government. Myles and the team at Horne Lake Caves are dedicated to empowering guests by guiding them the unique experience of caving. The Horne Lake Caves team is continually working to further improve the accessibility and safety of Horne Lake Caves in an environmentally conscious manner. Like most cave systems in the world, Horne Lake Caves has not been completely-explored yet. Exploring and mapping out these caves is an ongoing project for us here at Horne Lake Caves.


Our goals at Horne Lake Caves are to promote cave conservation, education, and encourage individuals to push their personal boundaries in a safe and uniquely beautiful environment. We believe that caving isn’t just limited to a highly-adventurous few, but rather that every person can experience this rewarding activity in a safe and structured way. We invite you to join us here at Horne Lake Caves, and see for yourself the beauty that can be found beneath your feet.



  • Adventure & Fun: To provide clients and staff with positive, enriching adventures that foster respect for the wilderness and for oneself.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Exceeding the expectations of our clients using exceptional customer service.
  • Employee Satisfaction: To provide a community where employees feel valued, and to encourage their personal and professional development.
  • Sustainability: Maintaining a sustainable operation in balance with the natural environment.
  • Safety: Provide an environment where safety is paramount and risks are well managed

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