COVID – 19 UPDATE: July 1 / 2021

Horne Lake Caves is running tours for Canadian Schools and Homeschoolers, following Provincial Health guidelines.

To access caves:

  • participants must be led by a Park Cave Guide
  • masks or face-coverings required at all times when inside caves
  • by reservation only – 72 hours notice required


If you are planning a visit to the park, you should check out the Cave Park Health & Safety Protocols.

Excellent For:

  • Public or Private School students
  • Home Schoolers
  • Blended Learners
  • Kids and families that love science!

Want to get more out of a science lesson?  Horne Lake Caves Park is offering exclusive private tours to schools and home learners delivered in Nature’s classroom by passionate guides.

Inspire awe and create lifelong memories with a fun field trip!

TO REGISTER YOUR GROUP + MORE INFO:     (250) 248-7829

The Setting

Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park is a hidden gem nestled in the Beaufort Range mountains of central Vancouver Island. This unique park offers students a fascinating 3D look at Vancouver Island and its geology, both above and below. Programs are designed as hands-on, experiential learning that supports school curriculum and gives students a great day outside. An excellent venue for exploring and learning about nature while creating deep connections to ourselves and our surroundings.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Cave genesis and geomorphology
  • sedimentary vs. igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • formation of cave speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites, etc.)
  • cave biota and adaptions
  • underground rivers and the water cycle
  • sensitive ecosystem conservation and protection
  • effect of previous ice-ages on Vancouver Island

The Remarkable Experience


Currently non-profit group discount is 30% off Private Group Retail Rate. (Private Group = pay for minimum of 7 ppl.)

ONE CAVE (Riverbend Cave) – $37.80 per person (plus gst)
Duration: 1hr. 45 mins.
Riverbend Cave is the gem of the park containing ancient fossils and many types of crystal formations.  The easiest cave tour is  designed to avoid crawling or squeezing.  A 1km. uphill hike through a karst rainforest led by a naturalist cave guide explains the geological processes, rock types, fossils, calcite crystals and local flora / fauna.  Fun & Educational!
MULTI-CAVE EXPLORER (Riverbend + Main Cave) – $55.30 per person (plus gst)
Duration 2.5 hrs.
Explore Riverbend Cave first, then a short hike leads to Main Cave that offers more adventurous caving challenges like the “cheese grater”, a fun waterfall climb and a zip down Canada’s only Cave Slide!
  • Choose from 9am (Riverbend Cave only), 11am or 2pm departures.
  • Covid-19 protocols require a mask being worn at all times in the caves.
  • Our minimum age is 5yrs old – no toddlers or infants (even in backpacks).
  • The discount pricing is limited to mid-week visits, Monday to Friday.
  • Extra guides can be arranged if you need to add additional groups (42 max.)