COVID – 19 UPDATE: Sept. 10 / 2021

Horne Lake Caves is running educational geology tours for Schools and other Groups, following Provincial Health guidelines.

BC Parks has advised us there is no requirement to show “Proof of Vaccination” at this time, but could be subject to change.

To access caves:

  • participants must be led by a Park Cave Guide
  • masks or face-coverings required at all times when inside caves
  • by reservation only – 72 hours notice required


If you are planning a visit to the park, you should check out the Cave Park Health & Safety Protocols.

Excellent For:

  • Public or Private School students
  • Home Schoolers
  • Blended Learners
  • Kids and families that love science!

Want to get more out of a science lesson?  Horne Lake Caves Park is offering exclusive private tours to schools and home learners delivered in Nature’s classroom by passionate guides.

Inspire awe and create lifelong memories with a fun field trip!

Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park is a hidden gem nestled in the Beaufort Range mountains of central Vancouver Island. This unique park offers students a fascinating 3D look at Vancouver Island and its geology, both above and below. Programs are designed as hands-on, experiential learning that supports school curriculum and gives students a great day outside. An excellent venue for exploring and learning about nature while creating deep connections to ourselves and our surroundings.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Cave genesis and geomorphology
  • sedimentary vs. igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • formation of cave speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites, etc.)
  • cave biota and adaptions
  • underground rivers and the water cycle
  • sensitive ecosystem conservation and protection
  • effect of previous ice-ages on Vancouver Island

The Remarkable Experience


Currently non-profit group discount is 30% off Private Group Retail Rate. (Private Group = pay for minimum of 7 ppl.)

ONE CAVE (Riverbend Cave) – $37.80 per person (plus gst)
Duration: 1hr. 45 mins.
Riverbend Cave is the gem of the park containing ancient fossils and many types of crystal formations.  The easiest cave tour is  designed to avoid crawling or squeezing.  A 1km. uphill hike through a karst rainforest led by a naturalist cave guide explains the geological processes, rock types, fossils, calcite crystals and local flora / fauna.  Fun & Educational!
MULTI-CAVE EXPLORER (Riverbend + Main Cave) – $55.30 per person (plus gst)
Duration 2.5 hrs.
Explore Riverbend Cave first, then a short hike leads to Main Cave that offers more adventurous caving challenges like the “cheese grater”, a fun waterfall climb and a zip down Canada’s only Cave Slide!
  • Covid-19 protocols require a mask being worn at all times in the caves.
  • Our minimum age requirement during rain season (Oct-April) is 8yrs old
  • The discount pricing is limited to mid-week visits, Monday to Friday.
  • Extra guides can be arranged if you need to add additional groups (42 max.)

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Send additional questions/inquiries to  or call our visitor centre at 250-248-7829