Multi Day Trips

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Activity Choices

School Cave Geology Tour

(Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park)

Come and experience one of Vancouver Island’s most outstanding natural wonders. Our Cave Geology Program is designed specifically to support school curriculum. Students explore the geologic history of underground caverns, learn about crystal formations and see ancient fossils. This unique program combines an excellent learning environment with fun-filled adventure. What they learn in a cave they won’t soon forget!

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School Cave Tour Fees  $25 per person: (all ages / group size)

1 Free Adult Supervisor is allotted for every 14 students

  • Minimum age is 7 years old
  • 2.5 – 4 hours duration (depending on group size)
  • each group is led by a certified and knowledgeable guide
  • helmets and lights provided
  • Supports curriculum in Earth Sciences and P.E.
  • expand student boundaries in a supportive environment

Rock Rappelling Experience

(Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park)

Bring your students to a new classroom of natural rock. Our most popular adventure program is designed to provide basic experience “on-rope” in a fun and supportive environment. Aside from the sheer thrill, students get valuable life-skill development from challenging themselves, trying something that seems impossible, feeling success and confidence by not giving up, and strategies to manage fear and trust.  Exciting and powerful!

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Program fee: $30 + GST per person (1 Free Adult Supervisor is allotted for every 14 students)

  • Minimum age is 7 years old
  • The Rock Wall is located within a 1km hike of our Visitor Centre
  • All participants are instructed in rock and rope safety and fitted with UIAA approved helmets, harnesses and rappelling gear.
  • While on the rock, participants are secured by a safety line at all times.

Team Building Challenges

(Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park)

What can you learn from group challenges? Check out the new outdoor Cave Challenge Course! This session will run through a series of games starting with introductory ice-breakers that will assist everyone in working together. Then groups are presented with challenges that require “creative solutions”. Along the way, students learn a lot about themselves and communicating with others. A great way to get everyone “in the zone”.

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Program fee: $23 + GST per person (1 Free Adult Supervisor is allotted for every 14 students)

  • program takes place in a shaded wooded setting
  • activities are chosen to match age and ability
  • duration is approx. 2 hrs.