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School/Group Name:
Onsite Contact Person:
Arrival Date: Arrival Time at Horne Lake Cave Park:
We’re Leaving The School At (time): Must Depart Park By (time):
I have collected and checked the Parental Consent & Medical Forms* for completion.*Completed forms are required in order to participate; please bring these to the park. Yes
Please collect ALL Parental Consent Forms to determine your EXACT group size! Please indicate the service you require by completing the form below. These numbers will be used to create your final invoice.
Number of participants under 18 years:
Number of participants 18 + years:
Number of participating adults / chaperones / teachers:
Cave Geology Program Team Building Challenge
Rock Rappelling Catered Meals

Cancellation Policy – Cancellations 14 days prior to arrival (or less) Island Pacific Adventures Ltd. will require a 50% payment based on the value of the contract submitted. If your numbers drop below ratios of 15:1, there may be a surcharge for additional costs incurred. Cancellation with less than 48 hours – 100% payment required.

Supervising Adults / Parents – 1 adult supervisor required per 14 children on program; these adults participate free of charge. Group leaders must supervise children during non-instructional time.

Extra Costs – Extra adults wishing to participate in the activities may do so if the space is available and will pay the regular cost of that program. All participant pay for meals and accommodation.

On behalf of the class / group, I
agree to contract the specific services indicated above. I have read and understand that the TERMS & CONDITIONS listed above. I further understand that this contract MUST be received by the Camp Office at least 14 days prior to our arrival or the expected services may not be available.