Cave Park Covid-19 Update

(updated Sept 10, 2021)

Cave Tours have resumed for all Canadians but still under limited capacity.  Choose from individual bookings or Exclusive Private Tours.  Masks or face-coverings are still required to be worn in the caves, due to the unique environment.  Park trails are open to the public for hiking only.


  • We are following all the health and safety protocols designed to keep people safe.
  • The dark, humid and cool conditions inside the caves require continued use of masks.
  • Our goal is to reduce the protocols and restrictions while keeping visitor safety a top priority.
  • We have been advised by BC Parks that “Proof of Vaccination” is not required at this time, but could be subject to change, so stay tuned.
For General Park Visitors


  • Do not enter park if you feel ill or have any symptoms such as fever, coughs or sore throat.
  • Maintain physical distance from other visitors and park staff as much as possible
  • Sanitize Hands frequently, especially before and after using Park Facilities or removing PPE
  • consider a guided tour to access the caves properly
For Access to Caves :


  • must be led by a park guide to access caves
  • Must agree to wear mask or face-covering inside the caves
  • Tour participants must try to maintain physical distance from guide when possible.

 Working together we can continue sharing this outstanding natural experience.

We are very pleased with the cooperation from park visitors and thank them for supporting Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Our Guiding Principles

Horne Lake Caves is about outdoor adventure – learning and seeing nature with new eyes. It’s about our staff, who openly welcome and share their knowledge and experience.

Horne Lake Caves is about wilderness preservation, low-impact philosophies and practices, and making the most of our wilderness heritage.

Horne Lake Caves provides confidence-building experiences and programs that are designed to encourage teamwork in a supportive environment.

We will conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity. We show respect for others in our words and actions. We act in the spirit of community and co-operation. We respect and protect our natural environment. We strive for personal growth, continual learning, and adventure.

Horne Lake Caves and Outdoor Centre’s theme of respecting yourself, others, and the environment promotes a positive environment for all park visitors.