COVID – 19 UPDATE: Due to precautions against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Park Visitor Services have been suspended until further notice. (see More Info below)

Looking ahead with optimism, we are currently taking bookings for cave tours starting May 16, 2020 and beyond.

More Info on Coronavirus Covid-19 Closure

Cave Park facilities are closed and cave tours suspended

Due to precautions against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and to ensure the health and safety of parks visitors, volunteers and all employees, all park facilities have been closed and all cave tours have been suspended until further notice.

The public is also advised that the cave areas open to self-guiding are now closed.

Maintenance and monitoring of the park will continue.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

A Big Fun Day

Create a memorable group activity and shared experience for your team at Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park. Break out from your meeting space and take in a big dose of fresh mountain air. The park’s unique programs build confidence, inspire awe and give a rock-solid example that anything is possible when you open up and free yourself from limiting self doubt.

Our Cavern Tour program challenges everyone to varying degrees and that sets the stage for personal and team growth. This unique activity can really bring people together and turn back the clock to a time when awe and wonder guided your childhood explorations. Marvel at how nature imagined fantastic crystal formations, marble passages and underground waterfalls.

We know not everyone wants to go in a cave so we also offer above-ground options:

Hiding in the lush forest is the all-new Cave Ability Course, a playground structure  with a subversive twist that replicates the moves and techniques found deeper in the Horne Lake Caves.

Or try the Rock Rappel activity that takes the challenge one step further. Try the impossible and walk down the rock wall (and let gravity do the work!). After accomplishing this, anything is possible, even at work!

If we can do it, so can you!


Contact our Groups Coordinator for Info and Pricing

(250) 703-6051 or

“. . . once again, thanks for the day. Well received by all and expect you will see some return visitors from the group. Your leadership, expertise and enthusiasm really sets the stage for the experience. Getting folks (including me) out of our comfort zones was great, all while feeling safe . . . overall, a great experience.”

Rick Forgaard – VP Manufacturing, Western Forest Products