COVID – 19 UPDATE: July 1 /20

Horne Lake Caves Park and Visitor Centre is OPEN for summer 9:30-5:30 daily  

  • Cave Trails are open and Cave Tours are running with limited availability. Reserve in advance.
  • Self-Guided access to the caves remains closed until further notice

If you plan to visit the park, you must abide by the Cave Park Covid-19 Protocols.  For more info please check out the latest FAQ’s.

What To Do at Horne Lake Cave Park

access to caves by guided tours only – summer 2020

“Great time here today! Professional and engaging…second to none! Can’t wait to do it again!” – June 4, 2020

“Amazing time, highly recommend!”

★★★★★ Reviews from

Multi-Cave Explorer – $79

Every cave on this spectacular tour offers up a fun and unique challenge. Try out your “caving moves” on a waterfall climb, a vertical squeeze and a cave slide while you enjoy a fun caving adventure!

All participants must sign a

  Legal Waiver and Release of Liability

Ages 8+ (age 5-8 on Private Tour only)

Tour Maximum: 7 people

*also available as a Private Tour*

Cave Time 2 hrs. 10 min.

Trail Time ≈  50 min

More Info
  • ages 8+ only
  • solid footwear and long clothing recommended
  • cave temperature is 8 degrees Celsius (46 deg. F)
  • participants will likely get wet on days with moderate water flow
  • no backpacks allowed in cave
  • please arrive 30 min. early to gear-up and sign Liability Waivers
  • includes a moderately strenuous UPHILL trail for 1km. (25 mins.), broken up by 5 informative stops
  • steep metal stairs at the entrance to Riverbend Cave
  • Participants will negotiate some tight passages, downhill slides and ladders, short climbs (up to 2 metres high), lots of cave scrambling and travel over WET, loose rocks and slippery walls
    • a steep downhill trail leads to additional caves
    • Main Cave has a narrow, vertical entrance squeeze
    • option to climb three short waterfalls (each approx. 2m. high)
    • to descend from top of waterfalls, participants must negotiate a ramp, a cave-slide and 2 ladders
    • Lower Cave has a small creek flowing out the entrance and an option for navigating a short crawlway
    • tours usually include a short “lights-out” session

    Although not required, you’ll be more comfortable when the water levels are moderate if you bring:

    1. waterproof or rubber boots with warm socks
    2. rain gear or nylon outer shell
    3. thin hat under helmet and gloves (available for purchase at the Visitor Centre)
    4. Try to avoid jeans or other cotton clothes
    5. complete change of clothes for afterward
    6. a fun attitude

“An Unforgettable Experience!”

“One of the top things to see and do on Vancouver Island!”

“Amazing time, highly recommend!”

★★★★★ Reviews from

Adventure Cave Tour – $199
not available until 2021

not available until 2021

ages 13+ 

Cave Time ≈ 4hrs15min

Trail Time ≈45min

 1hr Outdoor Rappel Practice Session Included

Tour Maximum: 6 people

In light of Covid-19 precautions and due to the tight spaces and close contact while on rope, we have cancelled the Adventure Tour for the 2020 season.  We hope to resume this spectacular adventure again in May 2021.

The ultimate journey through Riverbend Cave’s most beautiful chambers and passageways! Marvel at grand and wondrous calcite crystal formations. Discover a variety of fossils from an ancient sea and unravel the mystery of the Cave’s geological history. Navigate the Park’s most rewarding challenges: 3 crawls, 2 rappels (up to 21m), 3 ladders and 2 underground rock climbs. 

You Can Do It!  A professional Cave Rope Access Technician is there to guide you and boost your confidence!

Learn the ropes in the daylight before your tour with an Outdoor Rappel practice session, complimentary for Extreme Guests!  

All participants must sign a  Legal Waiver and Release of Liability

More Info
  • Minimum age 13 yrs.
  • Tour Must Have At Least 2 Participants to Run (Max of 6)
  • please arrive 30 min. early to gear-up and sign Liability Waivers
  • requires recent rappel experience for your own comfort and safety.
  • an Outdoor Rappel clinic is offered and is included in price
  • cave temperature is 8 degrees Celsius (46 deg. F)
  • warm clothing required (2 layers min.). Avoid cotton jeans or shirts. Recommend nylon or poly-pro pants, shirt, sweater / jacket
  • good solid footwear  like running shoes or boots is MANDATORY. No flip-flops or crocs
  • You’ll be happy to have kneepads, gardening gloves and a warm hat for comfort.  All are available for purchase or rent at the park
  • no backpacks allowed in cave
  • bring an energy bar or easy to eat snack that fits in your pocket
  • includes a moderately strenuous UPHILL trail for 1km. (25 mins.), broken up by 5 informative stops
  • explorers must navigate in  the cave over loose and slippery rocks
  • steep metal stairs at the entrance to Riverbend Cave
  • explorers must pass through 3 crawl passages, about the same size as crawling under a picnic table
  • the guide will drain a submerged section of the cave (a crawl known as “the siphon”) in order for explorers to crawl into the second half of Riverbend Cave
  • this trip requires negotiating 5 different rope stations starting with a rappel of 5 metres, (15 ft.), climbing down a 5m. (15 ft.) cable ladder followed by a 8 metre (25 ft.) traverse line then a 20 metre (65 ft.) rappel, always secured by rope.
  • Returning to the surface requires re-tracing your steps back up all the vertical drops, back through “the siphon” and the crawlways
  • tours usually include a  short “lights-out” session
  • return to Visitor Centre via a steep downhill trail
  • max. harness size: WAIST =114 cms. (45 inches). THIGH = 69 cms. (27 inches)

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