Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park Jobs 

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Cave Guides / Outdoor Instructors / Visitor Centre / Reservations


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1) Cave Guide / Park Facility Operator – Full time May to Sept.  $14 – $15 / hr.

Safely lead groups on 1hr, 2hr, and 3hr tours through the 4 caves within the park. Guides will receive the training to run school cave-geology programs and teambuilding activities with an emphasis on habitat and environmental protection / restoration.  Park Facility Operator duties include enforcing the Park Act and involvement in a wide spectrum of park maintenance tasks. Applicants must possess a basic first aid certification and the ability to confidently provide first aid and emergency response if required. The successful candidates must pass our BC Cave Guide Certification Course.




2) Vertical High Adventure Cave Guide – Full time May to Oct.   $17 – $18 / hr.

vertical cave guide dave brumbaugh

Competent in all regular cave guide duties (above) but also leads 4 & 5 hour expeditions beyond the crawlways of Riverbend Cave and belays clients as they rock climb and rappel vertical pitches as high as 21 meters. Instruct outdoor climbing and rappelling clinics for groups and families.  Applicants must provide documented experience/training in rope rescue, rock climbing or caving and possess an advanced first aid certification (OFA3 or Adv. Wilderness – 80hrs min). Successful candidates must participate in our additional BC Cave Rescue Training Program, and BC Vertical Guide Certification course. 



3) Visitor Centre / Reservations -   May to Sept. $14 – 15 / hr. 

Operate the provincial park Visitor / Interpretive Centre and Canada’s only Cave Theater. Promote tourism through our information centre and museum. Coordinate all guided tour scheduling. Greet and inform park visitors including summer camp and school groups about Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park and surrounding area. Collect payment for tours, equipment rentals, retail sales, and recording stats. Liaison with BC Parks, guiding staff, and park volunteers. Minor park maintenance and Park Act enforcement. Provide first aid and emergency response when required. 


PLUS All the rock climbing, cave exploring, camping and outdoor living you can handle. Legendary staff events, super people, and great experience in a spectacular work environment. Free staff camp site at Horne Lake just 1km from work!

GUIDES APPLICANTS SEND COVER LETTER AND RESUME TO: Myles Fullmer – leadguide@hornelake.com

VC AND RESERVATIONS APPLICANTS SEND  COVER LETTER AND RESUME TO: Chris Buckshaw – visitorservices@hornelake.com